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Having a Ureteric Stent

What are the side effects of having a ureteric stent?

Some people can feel the stent within their ureter when they move around or do physical activity. This does not pose a risk to your health or your kidneys. It is also a completely normal thing to experience when you have a ureteric stent, it does not indicate any complication or medical emergency. Most stent irritation can be managed with pain relief.

Some side effects may be:

-Discomfort and pain

-Pain while urinating

-Symptoms like urinary tract infections, such as burning on urination.

-Blood in the urine. Drinking water will assisting in helping to flush the blood from the urine and prevent a blood clot from forming.

-Bladder spasms or a cramping sensation

-Some urinary incontinence (however this is rare)

-An urgent need to urinate or frequency of urination.

-The feeling that you have not completely emptied your bladder.


All of the above symptoms are normal with a ureteric stent and can be managed with pain relief and by drinking plenty of fluid.

When should I seek further medical assistance?

If you experience a temperature or have pain that can not be managed at home.

When will the stent be removed?

Typically stents will be removed at Dr Smith’s rooms within 2-6weeks of having your procedure. His receptionist will contact you to make an appointment time to have this done.

If you have any other questions regarding your stent or management, please contact Dr Smith’s rooms; (02)6766 6312. 

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