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Prostate Cancer

Being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer can be an overwhelming time. It is important you feel like you have the support and information you need to make the best decisions about your care.

To Confirm a Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer you will usually undergo a biopsy of your Prostate tissue. This is called a Trans-rectal Ultrasound biopsy, or TRUS. This procedure usually take approximately 10minutes under sedation and is a day only procedure. The biopsies are taken using ultrasound guidance which allows for a very accurate sampling of the prostate. A specially designed ultrasound probe is passed via the back passage a few centimeters until it is adjacent to the prostate. Excellent views of the prostate are obtained through this technique and Dr Smith usually samples around 18 cores to be sent to pathologists.

After this procedure, Dr Smith will see you in his rooms to discuss the results and further management options with you.

Treatment options for Prostate Cancer provided by Dr Smith are typically an Open radical Prostatectomy or a Robotic Prostatectomy, both can be performed locally.

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