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Flexible Cystoscopy

What is a flexible Cystoscopy

A flexible cystoscopy is a procedure to check for any problems in your bladder and urethra using a flexible telescope ( cystoscope). The procedure can be done under a local or general anaesthetic.

Preparation before procedure.

When you arrive you will be asked to pass urine before the examination. You will be asked to remove the clothes on the lower half of your body and to put on a hospital gown. In order to perform the procedure, it is necessary to insert the instrument, which is flexible into the bladder via the urethra. A local anaesthetic jelly is used to numb and lubricate the urethra which makes the passage of the instrument into the bladder as comfortable as possible. Men often find passage through the prostate gland uncomfortable but this is momentary.

Once the instrument is in place, the examination will only take a few moments to complete. Fluid will be passed through the cystoscope into your bladder to look for any problems in the bladder lining.

What happens immediately after the procedure ?

Once the Dr has completed the examination, he will remove the instrument and will explain the findings. You will be advised of the need of any further treatment. You may then walk to the toilet to pass the fluid that has been used to fill your bladder and get dressed.


You may experience mild burning or bleeding on passing urine for a short period after the procedure. Drinking plenty of water will assist you passing urine more easily. Any discomfort will be eased by taking regular Panadol.

Side Effects:

Infection post procedure can occur, however this is uncommon and is treated with antibiotics.

If you have any concerns about this procedure , please contact the rooms on 67666312

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