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Tamworth Urologist - Dr Ian Smith

Robotic Cases Start at Tamara Private Hospital - Tamworth

A very exciting step for region Australia and the New England Area. The introduction of the Da Vinci Surgical Robot to Tamworth will allow patients to have Robotic procedures locally. Minimising the stress of travel, while still accessing the most advanced surgical treatment available.

Dr Smith was excited to start undertaking robotic procedures locally and the team at Tamara are doing a wonderful job of introducing robtics to the region. 

Advanced Robotic Partial Nephrectomy Course

In November 2017 Dr Smith participated in an advanced robotic partial nephrectomy course, held in Sydney. This focused on advanced robotic techniques for procedures involving the kidney. This allowed Dr Smith to focus on developing advanced techniques when using the robotic technology.   

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr Ian Smith recently attended a five day intensive advanced laparoscopic workshop in France. He participated in lectures and technical simulations focused on minimally invasive surgery. Participants at this course came from around the world to learn from some of the top laparoscopic surgeons.

Dr Smith continues to focus on advancing minimal surgery in the New England region. He is hoping to bring further procedures to this region, providing advanced surgical options locally. 

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